Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds
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Vendetta X2T Wireless Earbuds


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Rich streaming sound, hands-free convenience, and total comfort with the all-new X2T wireless sports earbuds!

State-of-the-art technology to pair with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPod, or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Incredible sound clarity, extra bass, and natural noise cancelling! Sweatproof and chargeable!

Single multi-function button that initiates device pairing, plays and pauses music, lets you accept incoming calls with the built-in mic and receive helpful voice prompts!

Standby Time: one for 120 hrs, a pair for 60 hrs

Playback Time: one for 5-6 hrs, a pair for 3-4 hr

Charging Time : 1.5 hrs

Flexible usage, use two earbuds at a time or just one.

Connection Method

Step 1: Power on the 1st earbud for 5 seconds, make the 1st earbud red and blue light flashing alternately , and wait for pairing;

Step 2: Make the Bluetooth function "ON" in your Bluetooth device (like iPhone), find the device "X2T" and click it to connect the 1st earbud;

Step 3: Power on the 2nd earbud for 1 second, make the 2nd earbud red light flashing, after 2 seconds, the 2nd earbud is connected to 1st earbud automatically, then the 2nd earbud's blue light is flashing.

Then you can enjoy your music world.

Notes: For the first connection, if can't pair successfully, please charge the earphones to make sure the earphones have enough power, then long-press the function key for 8 seconds to clear the connected lists


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