1. Can I get a refund for my item? 
A: Any product bought on Vendetta.sg is not refundable. 

2. What is a "1-for-1 Lifetime Guarantee"?
A: The 1-for-1 Lifetime Guarantee is Vendetta Singapore's in-house warranty that you can buy during Checkout. It allows you to replace a product that is deemed defective by our technicians ONCE, at a fixed cost. 

3. How do I sign up for the "1-for-1 Lifetime Guarantee"?
A: At the checkout section, click the option "Sign me up for 1-for-1 Lifetime Guarantee". Our staff will be in touch with you shortly to inform you of the one time cost. 

4. How much does the "1-for-1 Lifetime Guarantee" cost? 
A: Products will be insured at the lowest cost possible. Different products will have different warranty arrangement. Our staff will be in touch with you to provide you with a quotation. 

5. If an item is defective, can I do an exchange? 
A: 1-for-1 exchange on defective items is available for products within 7 days upon our verified delivery. 

6. Do you do delivery? 
A: Yes we do. We have free local delivery for purchases of $100 and above. Alternatively, we have a location-based delivery charge that you may select upon checkout.
Note: Postage delivery items is currently limited to Fixate Gel Pads. 

7. How long does delivery take? 
A: We deliver everyday. However, our typical delivery schedule takes around a week to confirm. If you require express delivery, you may select our express delivery option (1-3 days). As a flat rate of $20 is charged island-wise, you may want to collate a larger order.

8. I would like to procure a particular product that is not available in your store. 
A: We do help customers procure particular products. However, this is based on availability and feasibility. Typically, the chances of procuring a product depends on the quantity. A case-by-case basis will apply, and you can email us or submit an enquiry form. 

9. An item is out of stock, when will it be back in stock? 
A: This depends on the item in question. However, as a guideline, they typically take 2 weeks to a month.